Why India Avenue


India Avenue’s founders have over 100 years of investment, operational and marketing experience related to successfully investing in India’s capital markets whilst understanding the growing appetite of Australian and New Zealand investors to benefit from allocating capital to regional locations like India. This provides our investors with significant insight and knowledge to help successfully navigate the path to investing in the India growth story. Our successful prior track record at ING utilised the same investment philosophy and process applied at India Avenue.


Our business is the only pure India focused investment firm, based in Australia and New Zealand. This helps us provide customised knowledge and unique insights to our clients. Our view at India Avenue is that India’s equity markets offer the most unique, liquid and investable growth story in the world today. Given our conviction over the long-term, we invest alongside our investors in the India Avenue Equity Fund to align our interests in achieving the best outcome for clients.


Our partnerships with highly skilled, locally based investment advisers (for stock selection and conviction levels) allows our investors to benefit from their deep knowledge of India’s local ecosystem of company promoters, consumers, producers, employees, suppliers, end-users and market participants like stockbrokers and regulators. It is impossible in our view to successfully invest in India’s equity markets without access to the local knowledge of practised investment professionals, managing money in the ecosystem for the last few decades.


India’s equity markets are inefficient in our view. This means that actively managed portfolios with exposure to companies of all industries and capitalisation sizes can provide a far broader and more aligned exposure to India’s growth story compared to more passively managed funds or ETF’s which focus more on the large capitalisation, already successful businesses in India. Therefore, it is our view that clients seeking growth in their portfolios for long-term wealth creation and considering an investment in India, should focus on actively managed exposure to truly benefit from India’s growth story.