India Fund

Wealth Creation Through India’s Equity Market

The positive macroeconomic environment and outlook for the Indian economy has attracted a lot of attention, particularly from large foreign investors like the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund and Canada’s Pension Plan Investment Board. However, monetising this opportunity has largely been derived from sophisticated and well-informed investors. This has been primarily due to lack of awareness and information on India for most of the global investing community.
The other requirement has been obtaining a Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) license to trade onshore Indian securities. This report attempts to familiarise Australian and NZ investors on the local equity markets in India:

  1. Breadth and depth of India’s equity markets;
  2. Historical performance;
  3. Key drivers of the Indian equity market; and
  4. Select corporate India success stories

While most global investors look at India from a top down perspective, its true worth is not appreciated unless a
bottom up, fundamental approach is taken. This has been the optimal way for significant wealth creation.

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