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Two key thematics to make money in India

Date: 04th Nov 2022 | Publication: Ausbiz

Global investing

Based in Mumbai, Old Bridge manages money for most of India’s HNW and Family Offices as well as a large US Endowment Fund. It’s founder and CIO Kenneth Andrade joined us to discuss the investment opportunities there, as the country and its population grows. Kenneth discusses two key thematics in the Old Bridge portfolio, pharmaceuticals and real estate. Kenneth says as India continues to grow its exports and take on greater market share in the global supply chain. Over the course of the decade it should become dominant in both export of generics and providing clinical research solutions to the rest of the world. He also tells us real estate demand is likely to rise as India’s GDP per capita rises, pointing to IT professionals who are experiencing wages gains and significant employment is occurring in the sector to meet global demand for out outsourcing. A second derivative of this is that real estate will experience a significant upcycle. Listen for the names Kenneth has exposure to.

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