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Three sectors to invest in India

Date: 31st May 2023 | Publication: Ausbiz

The three sectors to invest in India

Mugunthan Siva from India Avenue Investment Management says the relationship between India and Australia continues to deepen as evidenced by Prime Minister Modi’s visit last week. Mugunthan highlights Australia’s overreliance on China and suggests that India could become an obvious choice for diversifying trading partners. Education is a key aspect, and with India gradually opening its doors on the migration front, it hopes to connect with the Indian diaspora in Australia.

India aims to diversify its interests in other countries, including Australia, for energy and steel. Despite unfamiliarity with Indian companies, Siva points out that India’s equity market is growing and shows strong growth potential, attracting more investments and increasing its weight in various indices. Siva argues that India’s economy is strong despite global economic issues, and Indian companies are expanding their capabilities in sectors like pharmaceutical manufacturing, infrastructure development, and information technology.

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