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Tata Motors has been at the forefront of productive community engagement throughout its six decades of existence. Their corporate social responsibility initiatives, in line with philosophy of giving back to society, have continued to improve the quality of people’s lives across India.

They focus on areas such as: Health, Education, Community Development, Employability and skills training, Environment conservation, Providing safe drinking water and Nurturing a safe environment. The total CSR spend of Tata Motors Limited in financial year 2017-18 was INR 21.44 crores.

CSR Project or Activity

1) Health: Tata Motors has set up a community hospital in Jamshedpur, India and also commenced several community programmes to address the issues of leprosy, malnutrition and others. Through ‘Aarogya’, the health initiative under its CSR programme, TML operates mobile health clinics for remote tribal community outreach, offering last-mile aid in Pune. Aarogya also focusses on maternal and child health, with a holistic and balanced approach towards preventive healthcare and curative healthcare interventions. The Company has tied up with nutrition rehabilitation centres across India to raise awareness  on the health of children, pregnant women and  lactating mothers.

Contribution Made: INR 2.90 crores
Impact Created: 376,310 lives touched
89% of the malnourished children in the target group are now in the ‘healthy’ zone.

2) Education: Tata Motors believes education is the cornerstone of one’s cognitive, psychological and intellectual faculties. Vidyadhanam, TML’s CSR programme for education, provides support to young learners by ensuring holistic development in education infrastructure and services.  The programme focusses on the academic, physical and social development of students, in conjunction with value education. It facilitates their mentoring by professionals who are experts in their subjects of interest. The key projects under Vidyadhanam are:

  • Scholarships
  • Financial aid to students of IITs and government engineering colleges
  • Coaching classes
  • Special coaching for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams
  • School infrastructure improvement
  • Co-curricular activities

Contribution Made: INR 10.43 crores
Impact Created: 101,420 students benefited
The school drop out rate of targeted group decreased from 40% two years ago to 0%
The number of students passing the school curriculum improved from 65% to 96%

3) Community Development: Aadhar, Tata Motor’s community development programme, aims to serve the socio-economically disadvantaged Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities. Seva, Tata Motor’s volunteering programme,  provides employees and their families with varied opportunities to meaningfully volunteer their time for social causes. TML employees also offer pro bono services based on their competencies to NGOs.

Contribution Made: INR 1 crore on Aadhar
9,706 Volunteers and 45,000 Volunteering hours
Impact Created: 18% hires from specific community
93,715 people skilled

4) Employability and Skills Training: Tata Motors has partnered with numerous skill development centres across India. Their skill development programme, Kaushalya, seeks to empower unemployed youth by providing vocational training in automotive and other industrial trades. Additionally, TML also facilitates the following:

  • Train youth in vocational skills for employment areas such as electrician, nursing assistant and so on
  • Engage in capacity building of community-based groups, including women and farmers, in agriculture and allied industries

TML has received the Golden Peacock award for its training initiatives.

Contribution Made: INR 4.52 crores
Impact Created: 98,661 lives touched

5) Environment Conservation: Through Vasundhara, Tata Motor’s environment-related programme, the Company contributes to enhance environmental sustainability and aspires to promote environmental consciousness among communities. The initiative facilitates and encourages the protection, conservation, judicious use and augmentation of natural resources.

Contribution Made: INR 1.38 crores
Impact Created: 56,161 lives touched
103,746 saplings planted

5) Environment Conservation: Tata Motors initiated the Amrutdhara programme for providing safe drinking water across India. While addressing the concerns relating to safe drinking water, the programme also helps in improving health and fostering a climate of gender and social equality.

Contribution Made: INR 0.59 crores
Impact Created: 25 litres of water made available per person per day
101,454 beneficiaries
More than 40% beneficiaries belonging to the Scheduled Cast/ Scheduled Tribes  

Nurturing a Safe Environment

TML aspires to become water-neutral and  water-positive (particularly in green water), having introduced rainwater harvesting and storage, water pooling and water recycling, among others, in its operations. The Company is also one of the signatories to RE100, a global collaboration that is working towards converting to 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

4,08,221 tCO2e Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing operations in FY18

5,362.482 MT Hazardous waste generation in FY18

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