Investment Process

India Avenue’s investment process allows it to harness the extensive portfolio construction, due diligence and research skills of its founders. This, in conjunction with the expert stock selection skills of carefully selected local investment advisers, embeds significant value addition for our clients.

Our Team undertakes macro research, supported by their network of brokers, investment advisers and global investment experience
We build an investment portfolio based on our qualitative and quantitative views on which investment themes are likely to succeed in the environment we foresee
To implement our portfolios, we receive advice from carefully selected on-shore investment advisors, with significant stock selection experience and track record, in their local landscape
Our pre-trade and post-trade compliance allows us to ensure that our risk limits are considered in building our portfolios, We also test scenarios to determine risks if our views are wrong
An important aspect of building our portfolio for success is implementing via our trading platform, allowing us to trade in the most efficient way
Our research tools such as Bloomberg and Style Research, in conjunction with our past experiences, enable us to monitor and manage the portfolio effectively