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Investing in India 101

Date: 18th July 2022 | Publication: Ausbiz

What you need to know before putting your money to work

The Indian rupee hit a record low last Friday and weakened for a 11th straight week as foreign investors continued to dump riskier assets amid rising concerns around a global recession. Like so many other emerging markets this year, India has not been immune to rising interest rates and rampant US dollar strength, impacting all types of asset classes, including equities. But does the rout justify the longer-term prospects of the soon-to-be most populous nation in the world? India Avenue Investment’s Mugunthan Siva joins the show for an investment 101 on all things Indian equities, looking at factors such as ease of access to foreign investors, the composition of the index when it comes to individual sectors, the opportunities emerging from the nation’s transition to a more formal banking sector, along with a short history lesson of India’s burgeoning tech sector. Mugunthan discusses the advantages Indian equites have over other emerging markets, including China, along with some of the risks you need to be aware of before putting your money to work.

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