India Fund


  • According to the International Monetary Fund’s projection for GDP growth forecasts across the world, India is expected to be the world’s fastest growing major economy over the next decade
  • India’s demographic profile with over half the population (i.e. 600mn of the 1.2bn) under the age of 30 is likely to create a consumption and urbanisation story unparalleled in human history
  • India is a commodity consuming economy and thus benefits from lower commodity prices. This naturally provides good diversification for Australian/NZ investors who generally benefit from higher commodity prices
  • The fund is a managed by an Australian entity which holds an AFSL, governed and regulated by ASIC laws
  • Equity Trustees Limited (EQT), is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is the responsible entity of the Fund. EQT’s responsibility and obligation as the Fund’s Responsible Entity are governed by the fund constitution, the Corporation Act 2001 (Cth) and general trust law
  • EQT has appointed Mainstream Fund Services Pty Ltd (subsidiary of Mainstream BPO, ASX:MAI) as the custodian and registry service provider of the fund
  • EQT has appointed India Avenue Investment Management Australia Pty Ltd (AFSL: 478233) as the fund manager
  • EQT has appointed KPMG as the fund auditor
  • EQT has appointed BNP Paribas (India) as the custodian for Indian assets
  • All custody of assets is regulated in accordance with Regulatory Guide 97
  • The investment team has previously run an Indian equity strategy with a 5-year track record at ANZ and ING Investment Management
  • The investment team have a combined experience in excess of 50 years managing money for investors in both Australia and India
  • Like any stock market around the world, the value of investing in Indian shares can fluctuate over time depending on many factors such as economic growth, government policy, currency movements, inflation, regulations etc

Please refer to the PDS on page 4 for further details

  • The fund charges an Asset Management fee of 1.5% p.a. and 1.1% p.a. for its Retail and Wholesale class respectively
  • There is an 10% Performance Fee applicable on excess returns over the benchmark (MSCI India net of fees and in AUD) with a high watermark
  • A bid/offer of 0.35%/0.35%
  • No other Establishment, Contribution, Withdrawal or Termination fees are applicable
  • For 2016-17 RG 97 compliant fee disclosure, please refer to the PDS. This figure in the PDS incorporates actual fees paid by investors after calculation of the performance fee.
  • The performance fee aligns the interests of the manager with the interest of the investor to generate returns in excess of the benchmark
  • Yes, you can withdraw your funds on any business day. Just send a redemption request to our Registry: Mainstream Fund Services Pty Ltd, Client Services Registry Team, GPO Box 4968, Sydney NSW 2001 or fax the request to +61 2 9251 3525
  • However, we encourage our investors to invest with a horizon of 5 – 7 years
  • Further details are available on our PDS which can be downloaded from our website
  • India Avenue believes in constant education as well as being completely transparent with our investors. We release our factsheet every month but also produce plenty of research that is freely available on our website
  • The latest monthly report is available here
  • Yes, the fund pays a dividend every year on the 30th of June
  • You can choose to have the dividend paid out or reinvested in the fund. Just choose your preference in the application form