Advisory Services

Our founders vast experience gained from investing in and researching India’s capital markets, allow us to provide advisory services to those who are seeking to build exposure to India's growth story.

This is particularly relevant for Institutional Investors who are contemplating an allocation within their broader investment portfolios. Our experience allows us to provide insights, research and implementation on exposure to India within a multi-asset portfolio.

It is our view that over time, India will increasingly emerge as an important investment destination for investors. Our Research Affiliate's on-the-ground presence provides a significant advantage to clients who choose to engage us for advisory services.

We feel our insights can add value in the following manner:

  • Account set-up, which incorporate advice on the appropriate structure and approach to be taken;
  • Customised exposure, based on the clients existing portfolios and their specific requirements;
  • Advice on portfolio construction and investment manager selection for exposure to India's capital markets;
  • Grassroots research on India to enhance knowledge and therefore capability of our clients; and
  • Operational excellence based on our extensive knowledge of the regulatory, legal and taxation environment.