Socially Responsible Companies in India. It’s the law
July 24, 2017
Ambuja Cement
July 27, 2017

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) is committed to serve the society through its social initiatives. MSIL considers local community and society as a direct stakeholder group. The CSR projects of MSIL can be categorised into three broad areas namely Community Development, Skill Development and Road Safety. MSIL was able to increase its CSR spend to INR 784.6 million from INR 372.5 million in 2014-15, a growth of 110.6%.

CSR Project or Activity

1) Community Development 

Community Development entails CSR at the local level wherein social projects are undertaken in 21 villages across Gurgaon, Manesar, Rohtak (all in Haryana) and Hansalpur (Gujarat).

The main areas of intervention in these villages include:

  • Water and Sanitation: MSIL has taken up various community development initiatives to improve the water and sanitation of the villages. These projects are based on community needs and preliminary baseline surveys. MSIL has followed a holistic approach and taken up comprehensive sanitation programmes to address the sanitation issue in these villages. The programmes include construction of individual household toilets, laying of sewer lines along with solid and liquid waste management and other behavioural change awareness programmes.
Programmes Achievements
Liquid Waste Management 4.9 km sewer line laid in 2 villages in 2015-16
11.3 km sewer line laid in 4 villages so far
Repaired open drains and paved streets
Benefited over 1,500 households in 4 villages of Manesar
Solid Waste Management 65 sweepers provided in 12 villages for daily cleaning of streets
9 waste collection vans deputed to cover 7,500 households on daily basis
Constructed one garbage collection and segregation unit
Individual Household Toilets 1,400 household toilets constructed in 2015-16
1,506 household toilets constructed so far
Community Toilets 15 community toilets installed in Manesar villages
Sanitation Awareness Engaged NGO to create community based organisations
Created awareness on health, hygiene and waste management
  • Education: MSIL’s intervention in the field of education started in 2007-08 with infrastructure upgradation of government schools in villages. Since 2008, MSIL has upgraded infrastructure of 22 government school campuses (20 primary, 6 middle, 3 higher secondary and 9 senior secondary schools), benefiting over 33,000 students. MSIL has divided its education projects under two categories:
  1. School Infrastructure Upgradation: MSIL is constructing toilet blocks for boys and girls, water tanks, providing furniture, repairing classrooms, boundary walls, etc. The objective of infrastructure upgradation is to create an enabling environment in the schools.
  2. Improving Learning Levels of Students: MSIL has designed this project, based on the outcome of a comprehensive study conducted in select government schools and depend on their experience of working in these schools for the last eight years. After upgrading physical infrastructure of schools, MSIL undertakes a holistic approach to address multiple issues impacting the learning level of students. MSIL has also signed an MoU with the Government of Haryana to improve learning level of students.
Programmes Achievements
Infrastructure Upgradation
Schools upgraded 8 schools upgraded in Haryana in 2015-16
22 Government school campuses (20 primary, 6 middle, 3 higher secondary and 9 senior secondary schools) upgraded since 2008
Construction of toilet blocks 14 new toilet blocks constructed in 2015-16
38 new toilet blocks with 224 WCs and 161 urinals constructed so far
Construction of water tanks 18 new water tanks constructed in 2015-16
Windows and doors installed for natural lighting 1,051 windows and doors installed to improve natural lighting in classrooms
Mid-day meal utensil washing areas 18 Mid-day meal utensil washing areas constructed in 2015-16
Improving Learning Levels
Supplementary teachers 34 supplementary teachers provided
Improving learning abilities of students in Mathematics, Science and English subjects
Audio visual training device 16 Multi-media projectors installed in 13 schools
Academic Excellence Awards 85 Academic Excellence Awards distributed in 2015-16
152 Academic Excellence Awards distributed so far Scholarships for students: ITI, Diploma and Engineering
158 Scholarships distributed in 2015-16
  • Rural Development: MSIL facilitates creation and maintenance of common community infrastructure. The Infrastructure is revamped and repaired as per needs of the community. In 2015-16, MSIL undertook projects like construction of community halls, crematorium repair, construction of roads and upgradation of veterinary hospitals. The CSR team from the Company is in regular touch with the village Sarpanch (head of a village) and other key influencers to understand their needs and work with them collaboratively to plan and prioritise rural development efforts.

2) Skill Development

MSIL is addressing the mismatch between industry demand and technical training provided in Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) by actively engaging with 131 ITIs across India. MSIL contributes actively to the Modi Government’s vision of Skill India through the following programmes under its skill development initiative:

  • Upgradation of Government Vocational and Technical Training Institutes (adopt all trades)
  • Skill Enhancement in Automobile Trade
Programmes Achievements
Upgradation of Government ITIs
Temporary Workers (TWs) and Apprentices hired from adopted ITIs by MSIL 1,749 TWs and apprentice were hired in 2015-16
2,722 TWs and apprentice hired in last 2 years
Students visiting factories for Industry Connect 2,546 students visited factories for Industry Connect from ITIs in 2015-16
Skill Enhancement in Automobile Trade
Students absorbed in MSIL automobile service workshop from supported it is 1,100 students hired in 2015-16
Percentage of trainees hired from supported ITIs in 2015-16 44% students hired by Maruti Suzuki dealer service network from supported ITIs in 2015-16

In 2015-16, MSIL trained over 14,500 students and 889 teachers in its 131 ITIs spread across 27 states of India

3) Road Safety

MSIL has been promoting road safety since 2000 through quality driving training curriculum and infrastructure. These initiatives have grown into nationwide programmes focused on providing scientific driving training and generating awareness amongst masses on safe driving.

Programmes Achievements
Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR)  Set-up and operationalised six IDTRs
Over 3 lakh people trained at six IDTRs in 2015-16
In Gujarat IDTR, 8,500 tribal youth trained in driving and soft skills, of these 6,600 youth are in gainful employment
Maruti Driving School (MDS) 31 new MDS added taking the total number of MDS to 364 in 2015-16
Under Unnati Programme 150 women trained in 2015-16
89 women employed with various taxi operators
Road Safety for truckers Over 45,000 commercial vehicle drivers trained at Driver Education Centre located in Manesar and Gurgaon factory premises in 2015-16
Over 8,500 drivers participated in awareness campaign in 2015-16
Road Safety Knowledge Centres (RSKC) Ten centres set-up so far
Over 90,000 people provided with training at 10 RSKCs in 2015-16
Train the Trainer programme 258 new and 287 existing trainers trained in 2015-16
City Specific Road Safety programme Deputed 100 traffic marshals on select routes to educate people on road safety and traffic rules
Road Safety awareness campaign 15 road safety awareness campaigns organised and over 100 schools covered in 2015-16

Source: Maruti Suzuki  – Annual Report 2016-17