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Sun Pharmaceutical

Sun Pharmaceutical has undertaken various CSR Projects during 2015-16 across locations in India for sustainable development of communities. Their main objective is to emphasize on quality whilst ensuring the sustainability. As a result, their implementation approach is strategic in nature that is more inclined towards the sustainability of the projects, addressing community needs and focusses on the poorest of the poor, the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, and the weaker sections of society. SunP follows a systematic approach by taking-up community needs assessment study at all locations. Based on the survey results and recommendation, corporate social responsibility interventions were prioritized and strategy has been worked-out. The company believes that their projects were highly sustainable in nature and contributing towards the social development of the people.

At Sun Pharma, the social responsibility programmes mainly focus on health, education, drinking water and rural development projects. These are designed to improve the quality of life of the people as well as contribute towards a strong economy.

The total amount spent for the financial year 2015 – 16 is INR 116.54 Million.

Key Facts

Sl. No. CSR Project or Activity Identified Amount spent on the projects or programs (INR in Million)
1 Healthcare Project 80.00
2 Mobile Medical Unit 32.81
3 Sanitation Programme 3.30
4 Disaster Relief Programme 0.21
5 Drinking Water Programme 0.08
6 Educational Programme 1.62
7 Green Belt Development 0.14
8 Art and culture including restoration of buildings 0.02
9 Strengthening PDS System 0.58

Health Projects

1) Mobile Medical Unit Programme: Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) is a primary healthcare project that provides free doorstep health facilities for the marginalised and financially backward section of the society. A full-time dedicated health van, visits the target areas at a regular frequency. It is manned by a dedicated team of qualified experienced doctor, pharmacist and special protection officer, who provide medical check-ups, medicines, expert counselling and referral services for free. The projects were implemented by the Sun Pharma Community Healthcare Society and HelpAge-India, the main objective of the project is

  • Reduction of infant and maternal mortality rate
  • Reduction of infant and maternal mortality rate
  • Improve health of adolescent girls
  • Prevention & control of communicable diseases (with a focus on malaria, tuberculosis) and non-communicable / other prevalent diseases• Promote awareness on HIV / AIDS

In 2015-16, INR 31.5 million was contributed towards the program covering more than 60 villages across the following locations – Halol in Gujarat, Nagar in Maharashtra, Mohali, Toansa in Punjab, Paonta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. The total numbers of patients treated were 228,788. In addition to this 237,000 individuals were also educated on various health awareness under Preventive and Promotive Healthcare.

2) Maatra Shishu Swasthya Sewa (Mother and Child health services):A joint CSR initiative between Sun Pharma and Daiichi Sankyo, the programme aims to reduce both the Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate by 50% in 5 years. Flagged off in November 2011, FY 2015-16 saw an amount of INR 5.1 million being spent in 82 villages of Vijayganj Mandi & Sunwani Gopal (Dist. Dewas, Madhya Pradesh) benefiting 29,860 persons.

3) Sanitation Project:In order to align with the national objective of “Sanitation for All by 2019” and to change the socio economic situation of communities, the company has decided to make villages free from open defecation practices, Sun Pharma has undertaken projects for construction of individual toilets.

Sun Pharma has created critical awareness about sanitation schemes, best hygienic practices in 7 villages near to their Ahmednagar, Panoli and Madurantakam and Halol plant, to build up their interest towards sanitation implemented by the CSR Department and implementing agency GVT-Dahod, the aim of this programme was two-pronged:

  • To construct toilets for the community and thereby provide 100% coverage in villages.
  • To construct toilets for the community and thereby provide 100% coverage in villages.
  • To conduct intensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign about sanitation with the involvement of PRIs, Co-operatives, ASHAs, Anganwadi workers, Women Groups, Self Help Groups, NGOs etc.

The project cost was INR 2.88 million and it benefited 283 households of Ahmednagar, Panoli and Madurantakam and Halol Taluka.

4) Disaster Relief Programme: Due to the devastated rainfall in Tamilnadu during the month of November – December 2015 most of the districts were affected. Especially districts like Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvalluvar were the worst affected. Because of this unexpected rainfall these three districts were flooded and people suffered a lot and access to basic necessities like milk, water, vegetables and other essential commodities was constrained. Recognizing this, Sun Pharma had provided necessary support, food packets and medical treatments to the affected families. A total of 1,600 families were provided food in packets and 679 villagers were provided medical treatment under this programme costing INR 0.2 million.

5) Community Drinking Water Supply:During the time of peak summer most of the villages near their plant were struggling to access clean drinking water, Sun Pharma had identified this issue and launched a CSR project costing INR 0.07 million. Under this project the company had provided drinking water facility to 960 households for 2 months, in Malaipalayam village of Tamilnadu.

Educational Projects

1) Promotion of Education by School Infrastructure Development:To facilitate quality education, Sun Pharma contributed towards upgradation of classroom, schools and also facilities for proper drinking water at rural schools. The programme has been implemented at various locations e.g. Halol, Panoli, Nagar and Madurantakam by their CSR department. The project cost was INR 1.24 million benefitting 3,859 children.

2) Environment Conservation Programme:Tree plantation is one of the effective remedial measures to control problems of air pollution and desertification.  In addition to its obvious economic benefits, it effectively addresses several important environmental and sustainable development objectives along with improved aesthetics. Keeping these in view for socio-ecological benefits Sun Pharma has undertaken roadside plantation at Panoli village and also distributed 2,800 saplings in Madurantakam area with the total cost involvement of INR 0.14 million.

3) Strengthening PDS Systems – Sathammai: Implemented by the CSR Department of Sun Pharma, the aim of this programme is two-pronged:

  • To provide good infrastructure facility to keep the essential commodities safe and secure
  • To facilitate the local governing body in distributing the material on time by providing required infrastructure facilities

Construction of the ‘Public Distribution Centre’ has commenced in Sathammnai village of Madurantakam from 1st February 2015 and was completed in 31st May 2015. The total expenses during FY 2015-16 was INR 0.38 million. It benefitted 250 households of the village.

Other Project

1) Promotion of tourism & protecting national heritage:In order to create awareness about rural tourism sites in the Panchmahal District of Gujarat, Sun Pharma has started an annual tourism promotion programme, i.e. Panchmohatsav, from the year 2015. This helps to promote local art and culture, thus ultimately promoting rural tourism for economic enhancement of the area. There were more than 5000 people benefitted out of this program with cost involvement of INR 0.02 million.

2) Development of Cancer Treatment Hospital:Keeping in view of non-availability of Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre and Research Institute in Central India and increasing number of Cancer patients in all demography, Sun Pharma has supported the development of National Cancer Institute at Nagpur, Maharashtra with the help of NGO like Dr. Abaji Thatte Seva Aur Anusandhan Sansthan, Nagpur.

This is done with the objective to provide comprehensive cancer treatment, patient care and research through world class oncology care and referral center under sustainable charity project schemes.

Under this project, the hospital would be providing patient-friendly treatment facility, using ultra-modern diagnostics and high-tech and specialized operation theatre facilities to meet different needs of the patient,

Other than these the National Cancer Institute would have

  • Linear Accelerators for the Radio Therapy Treatment,
  • Nuclear Medicine Department – Diagnostic & Therapeutic,
  • a dedicated ward for pediatric & neonatal cancer patients,
  • Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplant unit,
  • ICUs – MICU, lSCU, PICU Units,
  • Ambulatory Surgery &
  • Daycare Chemotherapy Units,
  • Dedicated pharmacy for drugs at subsidized cost,
  • Social workers and counsellors for help & support,
  • Education and information to patients so as to involve them actively in healthcare.

The project was supported with the total cost involvement of INR 80 million during 2015-16.

Source: Sun Pharmaceutical – Annual Report 2016-17