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Larsen & Toubro

Since Larsen & Toubro’s (L&T) inception, care and concern for the underprivileged communities has been a core value at the company. Reaching out to the disadvantaged with a view to positively impacting the quality of their lives is a spontaneous and natural process across L&T’s establishments. Through the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, L&T contribute’s to India’s developmental agenda as well as align’s itself with the UN Social Development Goals.  Through CSR L&T addresses the most pressing needs – water, sanitation, education, health and skill development. L&T view’s their beneficiaries as partners on a journey towards betterment. Developmental plans are devised in consultation with NGOs who understand their needs best. Architects of their own future, the disadvantaged are intensely motivated to sustain L&T programmes – and ensure their success.

CSR Project or Activity

1) The Joy of Clean Water

Many villages in India have to struggle for water and sanitation. The unavailability of safe drinking water leads to increasing morbidity and mortality rates. It also negatively impacts educational attainments, migration and livelihood opportunities. The companies Integrated Community Development Programme has been launched in three states, to begin with, and focuses on holistic development in water and sanitation, education, health and skill development, based on need-assessment. They are working towards enabling water-stressed rural communities to be self-sufficient in water for drinking, sanitation and agriculture. In several of Maharashtra’s drought-prone agricultural areas, they have built check dams to ensure regular water supply during the dry months. As a result of cultivating two crops a year instead of one, the villagers now need not migrate to cities for seasonal work. By helping meet the basic need for water and sanitation, L&T is laying the foundation for progress and development.

2) The Joy of Learning

L&T’s social interventions covering educational initiatives focus on providing education, developing infrastructure and enhancing the learning experience. The company enrich education in primary schools through innovative learning methodologies. This approach enriches the school environment by providing infrastructure ranging from building classrooms and playgrounds as well as equipping them with digital learning tools, benefitting rural and urban schools serving impoverished communities. L&T supports after-hours ‘Single Teacher’ schools which help children improve their learning rates. L&T supports pre-schools, set up computer laboratories, provide teaching aids and uniforms and augment teacher capacity. L&T believes that education is best imbibed when presented in ways that spark interest. This infuse joy into learning in many small ways. The Science-on-Wheels van visits schools, giving children the opportunity to experience the thrill of hands-on experiments. Summer camps and sports activities help pupils develop social skills. Extra-curricular outings help widen children’s horizons.

3) The Joy of Good Health

L&T knows that timely access to quality health care can be the core differential that enables families to lead productive and prosperous lives. Often, economically backward communities are further pushed into poverty due to poor health and the rising costs of medical care.

The company has, under its CSR commitments, set up community health centres at our facilities at Ahmednagar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Kansbahal, Mumbai, Surat and Vadodara. The centres focus on reproductive health, and conduct diagnostic and clinical camps and programmes that support maternal and child healthcare, immunisation and health education.

Furthermore, L&T conducts regular health check-up camps in schools and pre-schools. L&T’s HIV/AIDS management initiatives include awareness camps (particularly for high-risk groups), Anti-Retroviral Therapy, counselling and testing. Artificial kidney dialysis centres for the underprivileged have been set up at L&T’s Health Centres at Chennai, Mumbai, Thane and Vadodara. By putting smiles on the faces of mothers and children, by preventing, detecting and curing disease, by educating people on matters pertaining to health, L&T help spread joy.

4) The Joy of Self-sufficiency

To empower India’s marginalized youth with marketable skills and help the nation to reap the benefits of the demographic dividend of having a large young population, L&T has set up vocational institutes and has in place programmes that impart skills in several trades to enhance the employability of underprivileged youth.

The companies Construction Skills Training Institutes at nine locations impart free training to rural and urban youth in basic construction trades. To empower underprivileged women, L&T organises vocational training programmes in the areas of tailoring, beautician skills, home nursing and food processing. This enables them  to supplement their family income as well as invest in the education and health of their families, especially the children. Vocational training enables these people to become self-sufficient, elevates their social standing and fills their lives with joy.

5) The Joy of L&T-eering

L&T is proud of its employees, L&Teers, who contribute resources such as time and skills for the benefit of the underprivileged. All across the company facilities, they have been providing employees with more and more opportunities to volunteer and boost employee engagement with a social cause. L&Teers dedicatedly teach English and Maths to children at Community Learning Centres and have been mentoring them as well, encouraging them to realise their potential despite the odds. Short science films have been dubbed into regional languages so that many more children can access quality science education. Educational trips and creativity workshops organised by L&Teers are both entertaining and educational. Blood donations and community health camps see the participation of many employees. L&T-eers passionately supported various causes through Marathons and Melas (local fair’s) in which items made by the underprivileged are displayed. Volunteering activities help employees to relate better to each other as well as to the organisation, and gives them a sense of deep satisfaction.

Source: Larsen & Toubro – Annual Report 2016-17